Prosper Adaghebalu

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Prosper Adaghebalu

Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome was born into the family of Mr Sunny Adaghebalu Osoiyigbon Anetor in Ubierumu-Oke, Uromi Edo State in the year 1988.

He is such an intelligent handsome and Godfearing Boy in his primary school days it was said the he did not attend primary one because of his inteligency based on the fact that his senior twins Odion and Akhere were taking him to school if their parent goes to farm he will stay with them in their class room and when the teacher is asking questions based on the lesson thought and no body could answer Prosper Fidelis will stand and answer it so because of that the primary two teacher mrs Emionwele reporter the little boy to the headmaster.

That make the whole teachers of the school assembled and watch Prosper Fidelis answering questions so they decided that Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome should retain primary two and was made class monitor through out his primary school after his primary school, Prosper Fidelis was at home for about 4 year because of the poor background he found himself. Prosper Fidelis after four year his intellectual ability began to sink but because he never want to give up Prosper Fidelis sprung up and go back to primary 4 to reshape his intellectual ability to his greatest surprise Prosper Fidelis was still be appointed as a class monitor till his primary six Prosper Fidelis finished his primary education in the year 2001 and started his secondary school that same year in ESAN GRAMMAR SCHOOL now ESAN BOYS MODEL GRAMMAR SCHOOL UROMI. Prosper Fidelis with the grace of God was still appointed as a class prefect from Jss 1 to SS3 but because of financial challenges in his family Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome could not be able to become the senior prefect of the school but was still appointed as the labour prefect and by the grace of God Sunny Prosper fidelis Oyakhilome was the last labour prefect before Esan Grammar School changed to ESAN BOYS MODEL GRAMMAR SCHOOL in the year 2007.

Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome when he left secondary school did not want to stay stagnated he forther his computer training in UJ Computer Center along Old Agbor Road Uromi Eli-Ohie after and because of his intelligence again Prosper Fidelis became a teacher to the students he meet there in the training center Prosper Fidelis work with a principal law Brr L. Oahimire Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome was the secretary who wrote the agreement of the land were ECO BANK Built their Bank. Prosper Fidelis still work as a producer in IDEC youghurt production before he gained admission to the DELTA STATE COLEGE OF EDUCATION Agbor in 2009/2010 Were he studied ECONOMICS/COMPUTER EDUCATION.

Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome as a student of COE he was elected as a SECRETARY to the department of Economics and graduated in the year 2012. Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome after he has graduated moved back to Uromi and stayed from 2012 to 2015 and did not stop there Prosper Fidelis still acquire the skill of ACTING And was given a certificate by king arrives in 2012 Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome is a professional actor he play mostly the role an old man together with his childhood friend Ebosetale Ebraham popularly known as MC Wonder ONEBHINDAN.

Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome has made many impart to his society and to Nigeria at large but because of some issues Sunny Prosper Fidelis Oyakhilome left Nigeria to Europe in 2015